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First off, I've been bodybuilding for close to 10 years now. For the past few years, I was having sharp left elbow pain during some of my workout involving tricep extension - especially anything overhead. I finally decided to try and do something about it. I set up an appointment with Lisa at her home office in Wadsworth. Lisa was very thorough with her evaluation and genuinely concerned about my condition. She found that my pain was originating from my left shoulder and that her measurements revealed my range of my motion was severely limited in my left shoulder. After just one treatment session, my pain decreased and my left shoulder range of motion was improved. Amazingly, I was able to workout pain free. Lisa also set me up with some stretches to do at home and recommended a Yoga class. I would definately recommend Lisa for any aches and pains you may have.

- Christian, Norton OH

I feel I have made tremendous progress following my appointments with Lisa Keller. She is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough physical therapist. She definitely knows what she is doing as a PT. I feel she used all of her knowledge in treating my problems and was determined to find answers when she didn't know. I would recommend her to any of my friends and family. And she has a great personality that you just feel so comfortable with her helping you. Without her, I would not have had such a successful ending to my story. I am very thankful.

She did an evaluation on me and then we talked about SI joint issues and she told me a real life story about her own SI problem and how she recovered from it giving me a lot of hope. She did one therapy session that night doing some Active Release technology. It was so painful, but she was very understanding and compassionate. She listened to my questions and answered them. She explained everything she was going to do and why. After two days, wow, it did help. We scheduled weekly visits every time I came and within four visits, my pain diminished to minor pain.

Cynthia, from Ohio

Myname is Kathy Pramik and I would like to share my thoughts and experience about Lisa Keller's book Free My Back. I was hospitalized in March of 2014 with a herniated disc (L4/L5) which paralyzed my left leg. I was told my physicians that I could try epideral injections of have surgery and if I chose the injections, that they would probably not last long. I chose the injections. I was living on the edge every day with feelings of my back just getting ready to give way until I spoke to Lisa and she gave me the opportunity to read her book.

I perform the exercises and I work very hard on the core strengthening that Lisa describes in her book and "knock on wood", my back has been much better. When I begin to feel the sciatica flaring up, I stop, perform the process in the book, and literally have relief within an hour. Lisa's book has given me hope that I will not have to have back surgery and for that I am very grateful. Thank you Lisa for sharing all your knowledge with me. I don't think you realize just how much your book has saved me and continues to save me on a daily basis.

Kathy Pramik, Ohio


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